The Vorrh (The Vorrh Trilogy #1) - Brian Catling

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The Vorrh Trilogy #1

Outside the colonial town of Essenwald lies the Vorrh, a vast—perhaps endless—forest. Sentient and magical, a place of demons and angels, of warriors and priests, the Vorrh bends time and wipes memory. Legend has it that the Garden of Eden still exists at its heart. Now a renegade foreign soldier intends to be the first human to traverse its expanse. Armed with only a bow, he begins his journey. But some fear the consequences of his mission, so a native marksman is chosen to stop him. Around these adversaries swirls a remarkable cast of characters, including a tragically curious young girl and a Cyclops raised by robots, as well as such historical figures as proto-surrealist Raymond Roussel and pioneering photographer Edward Muybridge.  Fact and fiction blend, the hunter will become the hunted, and everyone’s fate will hang in the balance—in the Vorrh.