The Sleeping Beauty - Adrienne Sharp

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Since the beginning of his career, Balanchine sought to create an opulent ballet from the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, but never had the means and the muse come together at the same time. Here, Adrienne Sharp conjures a last muse for Balanchine, a young dancer named Sandra. She has toiled invisibly in the corps for years, fearing that her moment to emerge as a principle dancer will pass unnoticed. When Balanchine does notice Sandra and promises to at last make Sleeping Beauty for her, her world changes. The ballet master's favor comes at a price, however, and she is forced to decide which of her loves comes first: Should she stay with the first boy to capture her heart, an explosively gifted star with another ballet company, and succumb to his vision of the future? Or should she accept all that Balanchine offers - the fulfillment of a dream nurtured from childhood?