The Dark Yorkshire Series Book 1-3 - JM Dalgliesh

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Do you like gripping crime thrillers? Then discover the explosive, unmissable and bestselling Dark Yorkshire Series.

There are three full-length novels in this stunning crime series. DIVIDED HOUSE. BLACKLIGHT. The DOGS in the STREETHave you met Caslin yet?

Divided House;

The public face. A private reality. Sometimes, the dead have a lot to hide...DI Nathaniel Caslin’s life is a mess. He works the minimum, abuses substances to survive the day and drinks his nights away. A once-promising career is in freefall. Investigating the death of an ex-serviceman in police custody, reveals the disappearance of a young family. No-one noticed. No-one seems to care. In the grip of a bitter, Yorkshire winter, a family home reluctantly offers up its grisly secrets. Out on the moors, a murder scene of horrific brutality demands Caslin's focused attention. In the search for answers, is anyone who they claim to be? Haunted by the ghosts of the past, Caslin is pushed to his limits. Will this case break him or be his path to redemption? Dark, terrifying and complex, Divided House is the breakout thriller from the exciting, new name in Crime Noir.


Two women are missing. One who has it all. The other, has lost everything…DI Nathaniel Caslin is in conflict with his inner demons. His career is resurgent but the greater battle, that with his addiction, is still raging… and he is losing. An abandoned car and a desperate call to the police, lead Caslin into the heart of two families where secrets and lies are a way of life. What links the fate of an MP's granddaughter and that of a recovering drug addict, working in the sex trade? Past horrors and personal scandals tag with the present, as the tension mounts. Trust in those closest to him is brought into question, as Caslin pursues a deadly adversary. Lives hang in the balance and all the while, the clock is ticking…Dark, chilling and complex, Blacklight is a the second book in the series.

The DOGS in the STREET;

A murdered family-man. A young woman tortured and set on fire. A face from the past…DI Nathaniel Caslin is stable, for the first time in years. Now, he can look to the future, or so he thought. Granting a small favour to a friend, can often be anything but simple... When the only link between two apparently random murders appears to be an aging, Catholic priest, Caslin is thrust into a world of long-buried secrets. Drawing unwanted attention from the intelligence services, he must consider if the man he once trusted above all others, is now playing by his own rules. With professional killers circling, Caslin must face uncomfortable truths about those seeking redemption. Sometimes, justice is best served from the wrong side of the law. With the net tightening, the level of threat increases. Will Caslin, along with those closest to him, be the last victims of a forgotten conflict?Haunting, dark and intense, The Dogs in the Street is a fast-paced thriller and the third in the Dark Yorkshire Series.

The Dark Yorkshire series are fast-paced police thrillers which will appeal to fans of authors such as Ian Rankin, Peter James, Michael Connely and Angela Marsons".