Crybaby Ranch - Tina Welling

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When an argument over pineapple pizza reveals to jewelry maker Suzannah Perry the truth about her stale marriage, she wastes no time leaving her husband in Ohio for a ramshackle cabin the foothills of Wyoming's majestic Teton Range. As she strings necklaces, she works on untangling her most complicated relationships: with the mother she's losing to Alzheimer's, with the adopted son who has spent his life chasing after his birth mother, and most of all, with her new home's previous owner, easygoing "Marlboro Man" Bo Garrett.

Bo becomes a part of Suzannah's days as naturally and unpredictably as the weather - stopping by for dinner, fixing the plumbing, or even introducing her to his one-of-a-kind friends and family. But he also brings complications of his own that threaten the foundations of the satisfying new life Suzannah is so carefully constructing for herself. With winsome optimism and raw passion, Suzannah traces a dazzling arc across the breathtaking Western landscape as she explores just what it means to stand on her own.